The Latest Handbags Collection at HNH Closet!


Bags are like chips; you can't just have one! Well, well, just like clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories, handbags are essential to complete your look with footwear. Carrying a bag will complete your look and add that extra 'oomph'.

One cannot have too many bags; it's important to own a good collection of handbags so that they sync with different outfits in your closet! However, one of the best things about handbags is that they can be carried in contrast. Everyone owns a classic beige, white and black in their fashion closet, but today we will take you on a bag tour and show you our handbag collection at Hustle n Holla.

Hustle n Holla has the best collection of handbags for girls in Pakistan. So, let's go and check out the new handbag collection at Hustle n Holla.


  • HNH Adeline Hand Bag

This is a beautiful camel brown fold-over design bag made in synthetic leather detailing the faux leather outer. It is easy to carry with a small handle and a long strap for easy usage. It is available in black; however, you can easily pair this brown colour of this bag with western clothing, such as denim jeans, long dresses and skirts. The size of the bag is perfect for carrying a wallet and phone easily.

Hand Bags
  • HNH Marjorie Hand Bag

This green bag is a must-have from the HNH closet; it is a beautiful green that can contrast with different outfits. We have paired this bag with our top selling HNH Liya Sweater, and this handbag elevates the entire look. It is made from synthetic leather and has a classic fold-over design with a small handle and a long strap. This handbag is also available in black color.


Hand Bags
  • HNH Theo Hand Bag

The shape of the HNH Theo Bag is similar to a round duffle bag. It is the latest design that you can add to your handbag collection. It is available in white and black color. It is made from synthetic leather, zip closure, and faux leather outer. It comes with a long black strap that makes it easy to style and carry around with different outfits.


Hand Bags


  • HNH Judith Hand Bag

This bag is our top seller; it is a gorgeous handbag with diamantes on the front and back of the handbag. It comes in black color, with a cross-body strap. It is an ideal bag to pair with western dresses, especially party wear. The bag's look is aesthetically pleasing and has a luxurious feel to it. It is made from synthetic leather, and the size is perfect for adding things that don't fit in your pocket.


Hand Bags
  • HNH Rosalind Hand Bag

This bag is a cute accessory to carry out on a coffee date or dinner. It has a chunky gold chain as a strap that elevates the bag's look. It is available in light blue and black color Hand Bag, and it is made in synthetic leather.

We hope you like our top favourite and top-selling bag; there is a huge variety out there on the HNH website! Head over and shop your heart away for an amazing collection of the latest and chic new bags this New Year!






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